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Unit Converter FAQ

1. What is Unit Converter?

Unit Converter is a tool which is used to convert different units of measurement for its same quantity. This unit convert is very simple to use, and provides huge number of conversations.

2. How many unit conversations are included into this unit converter?

There are altogether 20 unit conversations, but if you think its not enough for you then please give us feedback by clicking on the "Suggestions/Feedback" button located rightly on the button of the page. Those 20 unit conversations are as follows:
  • Acceleration
  • Area
  • Torque
  • Electricity
  • Energy
  • Force
  • Force / Length
  • Length
  • Light
  • Mass
  • Mass Flow
  • Density & Mass capacity
  • Power
  • Pressure & Stress
  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Velocity & Speed
  • Viscosity
  • Volume & Capacity
  • Volume Flow

3. Do you save our settings automatically?

3. Yes we do that, we save your settings whenever you select any unit conversations from the dropdown list. This feature has been implemented for user connivance so that every time you visit this unit converter your setting will be selected for you.

4. How to use this Unit Converter?

This unit converter is very easy to use ,follow these steps:
Step 1:
Select your desire Unit Conversation from the first dropdown list. Default selection will be ACEELRATION. E.g. Suppose I selected unit conversation as "Power" as from the first drop
Step 2:
Next, select your respected units from the Second and third dropdown list. E.g. I selected "Watt" as my second dropdown list and "Kilowatt" as my third dropdown list. I already said in my STEP 1, I selected "Power" as my first dropdown list.
Step 3:
Now enter your respected value to convert in the respected adjacent textbox fields. Suppose I would like to convert 5000 Watt (w) into Kilowatt (kW). Thus I will type 5000 in the first textbox. And just after typing the value we can see the output generated in the other textbox.
Step 4:
To calculate for new units, follow once again from step 1. And to clear your Fields just Press key "C"

5. Is the generated output are 100% correct?

We made several test on this app, we found all calculation are correct. But still we cannot say 100% correct. Because maybe while making this app some little mistake has been happened. But if you encountered such error, then please inform to us using our contact us form.

6. Do you add/update unit Conversation if I say so?

Yes, we do. Please feel free to tell us, if you are not able to see your desire units in this app.

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